Jpeace Love Circus will be performing at the Portland Clowns Without Borders Benefit December 7th!

That’s right Ladies and Gentleman! Jpeace is proud and honored to announce that he will be joining the stage with some of the most amazing circus stars of the N.W for The 15th Annual Portland Clowns Without Borders Benefit Show on December 7th at Da Vinci Middle School!

CLOWNS WITHOUT BORDERS offers laughter to relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones, and territories in situations of emergency.

Come support laughter everywhere and enjoy the fun!

You can also donate to this amazing non profit at

Clowns Without Borders is funded almost entirely by individual donations.  Participating artists all volunteer their time.They do the majority of the fundraising for project expenses.You can be a meaningful part of our work by supporting us financially.

Jpeace the Fire Clown perform’s at Seattle’s largest Halloween massive Freaknight with SuperGeek League!

“Sinister Clown”

Jpeace Love Circus had the pleasure of performing with the “Sinister Circus” of SuperGeek League at FreakNight Festival 2012. Usually this Portland based juggler goes for the more family style of clowning but with an opportunity like this, Jpeace went with the darker sinister vibe. Performing circus feats of juggling, club manipulation, acro, double staffs, and his style of clownery with the powerful ensemble of the SuperGeek League, Jpeace was a fiery sinister fire circus clown! It was a night to be remembered and one to be thankful for!

Sinister Duet!

Jpeace would like to thank his beautiful partner Jilliana for being a superstar hooper, all of the artists of The SuperGeek League, and Freaknight for the opportunity to bring some “sinister” fire clowning and their part in making such an epic event happen!

All the best!

Fire Juggling!

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Come check out and support SPARK Circus! Jpeace will be leading a juggling and club manipulation workshop as well as performing!

SPARK! A benefit to support refugee children in Thailand!

SPARK! A high caliber charity day event of workshops, performance, and dance at The Refuge! All proceeds go to benefit refugee children in Thailand! Helping Spark Circus! a group of spectacular international volunteer circus performers who come together to bring the joy of circus to groups of disadvantaged children in refugee camps, migrant schools, hospitals and orphanages along the Thai Burmese border. Come support the benefit for SPARK Circus! Jpeace will be teaching A juggling and club Manipulation Workshop as well as performing in the later evening! Check it out!