2013 Oregon Fire Conclave

Jpeace has been part of the 10 year strong fire ensemble known as Oregon Fire Conclave for the last 5 years.  OFC is an open group that takes all different levels of performers from  never before/beginners to seasoned veterans and creates a large “MORE FIRE” 15 min performance piece with the intention of performing at the Burning Man Arts Festival in the Nevada desert. This year Jpeace is the “Shin” or leader of this group who gathers for rehearsals at least twice a month in preparation for the big show. Oregon Fire Conclave is one of 41 conclaves from around the world that compete for one of the 28 slots available in the great circle. Keep your eyes out for OFC video in July and their performance at the SOAK regional arts festival on the Prindel Creek Farm in Tidewater, Oregon July 18th-21st.