Check out Jpeace’s upcoming 2013 Summer of Circus tour dates!

~Fernhill Community Fundraiser and Fire Show~
Portland, Oregon May 28th

Northern California, May 30th – June 2nd

Joshua Tree, Califorina June 6th -9th

~Battleground High School Graduation Celebration~
Portland, Oregon June 13th

Performance and Workshops
Vancover, B.C June 20th -23rd

~Peninsular Park Centennial Celebration~
Performance and Workshops with Circus Cascadia
Portland Oregon June 27th

The Gorge, Washington June 28th -29th

~KCLC Circus Cascadia Clown show~
Portland, Oregon July 2nd

~4th of July Fire Extravaganza~
Performance with Flamebouyant Productions
Cannon Beach, Oregon July 4th

~Oregon Country Fair~
Eugene, Oregon July 11th-14th

~Soak Regional Arts Festival~
Performance with Oregon Fire Conclave
Prindel Creek Farm in Tidewater, Oregon July 18th-21st

~Black Sheep Family Reunion~
Prindel Creek Farm in Tidewater, Oregon July 26th-27th

~String Cheese Incident~
Performance with Flamebouyant Productions
Hornings Hideout in North Plains, Oregon August 1st- 4th

~Burning Man Arts Festival~
Performance with Oregon Fire Conclave
Black Rock City, Nevada August 26th-September 2nd

~Pacific Fire Gathering~
Performance and Workshops
Oregon Coast near Tillamook September 12th-15th

~Portland Juggling Festival~
Portland, Oregon September 27th-29th


And more possibility’s to come!

The 3rd Annual Show Me Your Circus Birthday Party!

This year Jpeace celebrated his birthday yet again in style. With clown noses, a renegade open mic circus show, cream pies, a clown photo booth and fun, Jpeace and friends raised over 500 dollars for Clowns Without Borders! A non-profit who sends clowns to places in need of humor relief. The main purpose of this event was inspired by Clowns Without Borders and was meant to inspire peoples inner clown to come out and play. The Funhouse Lounge was a perfect venue for such an event! The house was definitely filled with fun: Juggling, Hula hoops, Dancing, Poi, Kitties, and CLOWNS!  It was a beautiful night and Jpeace would love to thank everyone who participated in the fun and enjoyed the festivities. Thank you!