30,000+ Paradiso with Super Geek League!

Paradiso Festival:Where nature meets digital!

was held at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington by Live Nation and USC Events. Jpeace had the pleasure of working with one of his circus families, Super Geek League! entertaining 30,000+ party goers in one of the most beautiful places in the Northwest! Check out some fun photos of Jpeace and Jill in action!

The 2013 MadSkillz Flow Fest in Vancouver, B.C!

Jpeace and Jilliana were invited up to The 2013 Madskillz Flow Juggle Spin Festival this year! MadSkillz is A spectacular festival featuring a dazzling array of Ground Level Circus and Performing Arts. This four day festival consists of multiple shows, including a spectacular Fire Gala, Theater show, Renegade Open Stage and an emerging artist showcase, all with some of the must cutting edge artists in this field, as well as a diverse workshop schedule for beginners to advanced artists. This festival was a blast for Jpeace! A weekend jam packed with him teaching his clown class and his club class, as well as multiple performances for outstanding audiences. Jpeace really loved Vancouver and the hospitality the circus community shares with each other. Make sure to check out Mad skills at http://madskillzvancouver.com/

Jpeace and friends entertain the Battle Ground High School class of 2013!

Jpeace and the Pyromantic Circus Collective rocked the fun celebrating class of 2013 at the Portland Armory Building! It was a fun evening full of circus glow ambiance and a 2o minute show of their talents. The graduating class seemed to really enjoy the crews positive and fun energy circus entertainment. We had stilts, juggling, hoops, poi, and staff entertaining everyone as they partied the night away! Thank you Battle Ground High School for the fun!


2013 IgNight Fire and Flow Conference!

It was a HOT one for Jpeace in Joshua Tree, Ca where IgNight Fire and Flow Conference was held. IgNight is a 3 day Fire Flow Community Celebration in Southern California, designed to provide a fun, educational and community environment for spinners from all over the world. More than 120 workshops in three days! At least 8 classes going on concurrently at all times of the day and a nightly spin jam with flow music for you to practice new moves.

Flow enthusiasts of all skill levels are invited to attend this communal opportunity for growth and development as a fire artist. 500 artists will gather to learn, teach, and advance together in the flow arts. Jpeace was honored to be invited to teach his Spin and perform with clown class as well as his Double Staff Dance class. Make sure to check out IgNight Flow Festival at www.IgNightFestival.com


FireDrums 2013!

Jpeace had another amazing year at the 2013 Firedrums! A community based flow art gathering where participants join in workshops on flow arts, and a nightly fire jam in Northern Califorina. Jpeace taught 2 classes, How to spin and perform in clown and Intro to club tech. Fire drums is packed with lots of super talented people who come to share and grow as performers. This is one of Jpeace’s favorite ways to start off the summer season and he is all ready looking forward to next years! Check it out!


ANd a recap of Jpeace’s Inrto to Club Tech Workshop