The 3rd Annual Show Me Your Circus Birthday Party!

This year Jpeace celebrated his birthday yet again in style. With clown noses, a renegade open mic circus show, cream pies, a clown photo booth and fun, Jpeace and friends raised over 500 dollars for Clowns Without Borders! A non-profit who sends clowns to places in need of humor relief. The main purpose of this event was inspired by Clowns Without Borders and was meant to inspire peoples inner clown to come out and play. The Funhouse Lounge was a perfect venue for such an event! The house was definitely filled with fun: Juggling, Hula hoops, Dancing, Poi, Kitties, and CLOWNS!  It was a beautiful night and Jpeace would love to thank everyone who participated in the fun and enjoyed the festivities. Thank you!